Unveiling the Cost of Your Dream Website: A Breakdown

Building a website can be incredibly empowering for your business, but navigating the world of costs can feel overwhelming. Worry not! This guide dissects the different factors that affect website creation costs, offering transparency and helping you plan your online venture effectively.

The Costly Culprits: A Peek Behind the Curtain

Several key elements contribute to your website's price tag:

  1. Development Approach:

    • Do-It-Yourself (DIY): Free website builders offer budget-friendly options but require time and technical know-how. Expect to pay for premium features or domain names.
    • Website Builders: Platforms like Wix or Squarespace offer drag-and-drop tools and templates, making them user-friendly but potentially limiting. Costs vary based on features and plans.
    • Freelance Developers: Hiring a freelance developer grants flexibility and customization, but prices can range widely depending on their experience and project complexity.
    • Web Agencies: Agencies offer comprehensive solutions, including design, development, and marketing, but often come with the highest price tag.
  2. Website Complexity:

    • Simple Brochure Site: Static information pages featuring basic contact details are more affordable.
    • Ecommerce Store: Integrating functionalities like shopping carts and payment gateways increases costs.
    • Dynamic Sites: Features like user logins, real-time data, or custom animations require advanced development and incur higher costs.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance:

    • Domain Name Renewal: Expect annual fees to maintain your unique website address.
    • Web Hosting: Monthly or annual fees cover server space and resources for your website to be accessible online.
    • Security and Updates: Maintaining website security and content freshness can involve additional costs.

Estimating Your Budget: A Handy Guide

While exact costs depend on your specific needs, here's a general overview:

  • DIY/Website Builders: $0-$500 per month
  • Freelance Developers: $1,000-$10,000+
  • Web Agencies: $5,000-$50,000+

Remember, the best website doesn't always have the highest price tag! Choose the approach that aligns with your budget, skills, and website goals. Prioritize essential features and be transparent with potential developers to avoid hidden costs. By understanding the breakdown, you can confidently embark on your website creation journey and watch your online presence flourish!

Bonus Tip: Explore free resources like online tutorials or open-source platforms to minimize costs if you're on a tight budget.

At NewKi, we prioritize the reliability and scalability of our server infrastructure. That's why we have chosen to leverage the cutting-edge cloud computing services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a robust and secure platform that allows us to deliver optimal performance for your website or application.

By utilizing Amazon services for our servers, we ensure that your digital presence benefits from industry-leading technology. AWS provides a wide range of features, including high-speed data transfer, global content delivery through Amazon CloudFront, and the flexibility to adapt to your evolving business needs.

Moreover, AWS offers a secure and compliant environment, adhering to industry standards and regulations. This commitment to security means that your data and the functionality of your website are in safe hands. Amazon's extensive network of data centers around the world also contributes to minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless experience for your users, regardless of their geographical location.

Our choice of Amazon services reflects our dedication to providing you with a reliable, high-performance hosting solution that forms the backbone of your online presence. As technology evolves, we remain committed to staying at the forefront by leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of Amazon Web Services.

An example for our business in Turkey


Inventory System: Tailored to Your Business Needs

At NewKi, we understand that managing inventory is a crucial aspect of your business operations. Our robust inventory system is designed to streamline your processes and empower you with control over various aspects of your inventory. Explore the customizable options below:

  • Bills

    Effortlessly manage and track your bills with our user-friendly interface. Keep detailed records and gain insights into your financial transactions.

  • Boxes

    Organize and categorize your inventory into boxes for efficient storage and retrieval. Our system allows you to easily assign items to specific boxes and track their movements.

  • User Roles

    Customize user roles to control access levels within your inventory system. Define roles such as administrators, managers, and staff, ensuring secure and tailored user experiences.

  • Vendors

    Keep comprehensive records of your vendors and streamline your procurement process. Easily manage communication and track vendor-related transactions.

Our inventory system is not only powerful but also highly flexible. Whether you are dealing with pallets, containers, or invoices, our customizable solution adapts to the unique needs of your business. The intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations efficiently.

Experience the convenience of bulk uploads, set pricing strategies, and manage user roles effortlessly. The system is designed to accommodate your business's growth and evolving requirements.

Ready to take control of your inventory? Reach out to us to discuss how our inventory system can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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Struggling to manage your inventory effectively? Our customizable inventory system empowers you to track, organize, and optimize your stock with precision, ensuring you always have the right products at the right time. Whether you're managing boxes, pallets, containers, or a diverse range of items, our system adapts to meet your specific challenges and workflows.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Inventory Tracking:
    • Effortlessly track inventory levels for all items, including bills, boxes, pallets, containers, samples, and more.
    • Receive real-time alerts when stock levels run low to prevent costly shortages.
    • Generate detailed reports to analyze inventory trends and make informed decisions.
  • Customizable Fields and Categories:
    • Define custom fields to capture unique product attributes and meet your specific needs.
    • Organize inventory into categories that align with your business operations.
    • Enjoy a system that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows.
  • pallets screenshotinvoices screenshot
  • Streamlined Operations:
    • Bulk Upload: Save time and effort by importing large amounts of inventory data in a single batch.
    • Price Management: Easily set and adjust prices for individual items or entire categories.
    • User Roles and Permissions: Ensure data security and control user access by defining different roles and permissions for your team members.
  • dashboard screenshot
  • Enhanced Visibility and Insights:
    • Dashboard: Gain a comprehensive overview of your inventory status at a glance, including stock levels, value, and trends.
    • Detailed Reports: Generate reports on sales, inventory turnover, profitability, and other key metrics to make data-driven decisions.


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